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Some Future Concepts

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Some Future Concepts
a. Dual Mode Transport
b. Public - Private Hybrid
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             Just like other products, public transportation equipment or vehicle design also evolves, although the change in design is usually less frequent. Usually, public transport equipment designs are tailored to the specifications that the operators expect on them. The demand for such vehicle and other components that make up the infrastructure tends to be price elastic, meaning that relatively lower – priced vehicle or component per unit is most likely to be selected since they are usually acquired in bulk, and the total difference in cost can be significant.  In some cases, the transport operator will select the ones that, although more expensive to acquire, are more efficient to operate in the long – term.

            The equipment and infrastructure selected should also help alleviate problems like traffic congestion, pollution, and the energy crisis that require more fuel – efficient transport equipment.

            More private vehicles always mean more traffic congestion and various types of pollution. Most private vehicles tend to carry one person, the driver, each. While inadequate public transportation, combined with the congestion caused by the fact that most cars have one person inside, have made car less individuals worse off.

            To deal with such problems, many cities in the world have tried to improve their public transportation, and each of those cities have invested billions of dollars into public transportation, particularly in railway systems, since they believe that the current public transport mode are the most effective mode, at least in the long – run. However, the initial capital investment required, obviously, has been astronomical, especially for the emerging countries. Some argued that public transport can not match private vehicles in providing door – to – door travel convenience and time effectiveness. To date, only certain countries, especially the developed ones, have adequate public transportation systems.

            Since financing has been the main problem for many countries, or cities, several public transport operators, manufacturing companies, and universities have conducted intensive research and development to come up with some new public transport concepts that can solve some of the problems. Several are a combination of two or more existing modes of transport, which will be discussed in detail in the following sub – sections:


1. Dual – mode transport.

2. Public – private hybrid.

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